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fizzy BATH SALTS with aloe & goat’s milk

Within the bath ritual is both a sensory escape and a beneficial renewing retreat. We’ve elevated both with this exceptional product – infusing the waters with blends designed to transport the mind as they caress and indulge the body. All contain the nourishing benefits of goats milk and aloe, essential oils and sea salts, bathing skin in natural therapies that last long after the moment. Each provides a unique respite for the soul – a gentle path to wellness inspired by one of four custom recipes. Spirit yourself away and enjoy. Includes a seashell scoop.


14 oz. $17.95


Rosemary, Spearmint & Lavender

A pinch of rosemary in a refreshing spearmint scent with just a trail of lavender.


Lemongrass & Sweet Orange

A mix of citrus orange zest balanced with lemongrass’ deep subtle lemon flavor.


Lavender & Litsea

A hint of litsea’s lemony-citrus freshness infused in a bouquet of french lavender.


Rose Geranium & Vanilla

The essence of a delicate rose blossom and a hint of vanilla's sweetness and depth.