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versante-ourmission.pngVersante understands that clean water is basic to all human life, and that we in the USA, often take it for granted.  Versante has chosen to support with a percentage of its profits. The global water crisis has resulted in nearly a billion people without access to clean drinking water.  More than double that number do not have access to a toilet.  As a result, 3.6 million people die each year from water-related disease. 98% of water-related deaths occur in the developing world, and 84% of those deaths are in children. is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean by providing access to safe water and sanitation. Co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, works with local partners to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for water and sanitation needs.

Jan Marinelli, Versante’s co-founder worked in Southern India and saw first-hand the misery and suffering that befalls children, families, and entire communities when safe, clean water is not available. This personal experience is at the root of Versante’s commitment to contribute to the solution to this global water crisis. Versante joins with in its pursuit of a day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water.

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