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The Meaning of Versante

The Meaning of Versante

By Versante Co-Founder Jan Marinelli

In case you were curious about what the term ‘Versante’ means, the name was our creation over a long period of self-reflection regarding who we are, and what it is that we offer you. Versa, is derived from the Latin word, vertere, which means to turn towards something. Sante, is derived from the French, and means health. Thus Versante is Vermont’s best turn towards health.

We offer you a bath and body care line that is clean, pure, natural, and authentic. Our dedication to well-being is supreme, and starts at the origin of our promise with premier ingredients and honest formulations. It continues through our passion for hand-batched recipes and earth-conscious packaging.

Being that we hail from the beautiful State of Vermont with its commitment to natural living in an exceptionally beautiful landscape, the single word, Versante, captures the essence of our brand. The result is a line of products that nurture both your skin and your spirit. We invite you to join us, and experience well-being in a new way with Versante.