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Why Versante Supports Water.org on World Water Day

Why Versante Supports Water.org on World Water Day

By Versante Co-Founder Jan Marinelli

As a college student, I spent a year working in the malnutrition rehabilitation unit of a government-run hospital in Tamil Nadu, India. Along with a hospital team, I spent my days visiting local villages to assess the overall health of villagers, especially the children. The team was trained to identify the signs of malnutrition, and our goal was to rehabilitate the sick by teaching villagers to prepare protein-rich foods and helping these communities develop safe, clean sources of water. I learned quickly that it was never as easy as it sounded to find clean water.

Like other developing communities around the world, rural areas in Tamil Nadu struggled, and some still do today, to provide their citizens with access to clean water.

The depth of this clean-water crisis became painfully clear to me while working at the hospital.  I heard the wails of a young mother whose child had just died from severe dehydration.  I left the hospital in a daze that day, unable to comprehend the loss of innocent life.  I remember thinking what a difference access to clean water could have meant to this child and her mother.  It seemed like such a simple solution.  It could have saved this young child’s life.  

The statistics are staggering: Every 15 seconds, a child somewhere on the globe dies from a water-borne disease. [1] A lack of adequate nutrition weakens many children in developing nations, making them vulnerable to dangerous water- borne diseases that cause severe diarrhea, dehydration and, ultimately, death.

Ever since this life-changing experience, I have sought out ways to support solutions to problems such as this. Therefore, I support the work of water.org. Water.org has transformed hundreds of communities in developing countries by working with local partners to create sustainable sanitation solutions and access to safe water.

Please join Versante on World Water Day March 22nd when we will send 10% of our proceeds to water.org. Every child deserves it.

[1] See www.water.org